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In Greece you should always carry identification papers with you.  For foreign tourists a photocopy of your passport should be enough.


Please carry one of our cards with you and we will always try to help you with any problems.  The EU wide emergency telephone number is 112.  The tourist police are multilingual on 171.  The police station is near the town centre (7 on town map).

We can lock up your valuables in our safe, though there is no guarantee that our insurance would cover loss of these items so it would have to be at your own risk.

Garden Herbs and Spices

Please help yourselves to any of the herbs and spices that you will find around our garden.  These include rosemary, mint, bay leaves, and a variety of hot peppers.  In August please also help yourselves to the figs that you will find on the tree by the gate.




Most of the national Greek banks have branches in Nea Makri and good rates of currency exchange are available (though it seems that large commissions are now charged for cashing travellers cheques in currencies other than the Euro).  
All are on Marathonas Avenue within 300 metres of the main square.  Opening hours are 08:00 – 14:30 Monday to Thursday and 08:00 to 14:00 Friday.


The commercial centre of Nea Makri surrounds the main square on Marathonas Avenue.  Most shops open from around 09:00 until 14:00 Monday to Saturday and from 17:30 until 21:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Fresh food shops (meat, seafood, fruit & vegetables) also open Sunday mornings.  There are several supermarkets and many mini-markets near the town centre and on the outskirts of town.  Supermarkets open 08:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 20:00 on Saturdays, and mini markets normally for longer hours including Sundays.

There is a street market in the town centre every Thursday morning between around 08:30 and 14:30 in Agiou Pavlou Street, the first parallel street west of Marathonas Avenue (away from the coast) and running north from the square.  You can usually find good value fruit, vegetables and salads, much of it locally grown - look for ΜΑΡΑΘΩΝΑ (Marathon) on the stall.

Foreign newspapers can usually be found at the kiosk on the southwest corner of the main square.

Post Office

Stamps can only be bought at the Post Office in the town centre (11 on town map).  Be prepared to queue!  Opening hours are 07:30 – 14:00 Monday to Friday.


The taxi rank is on the main square.  Taxis can be called from the main square on 22940 91300 though they will start the meter as they set out from the square to pick you up. 
The local radio taxi service on 22940 31131 is usually cheaper if you’re away from Nea Makri. 
They will need an exact address for a pick up.  The taxi meter should always be running unless you have agreed a price for your trip and it should be on number 1 rate between 5 am and midnight.


Orange and cream coloured buses, more accurately coaches, run every 30 – 60 minutes to Athens centre. 
The last bus back leaves Athens at 22:30.  The nearest stop is 500 metres away at the junction of Papapoliti Street and Marathonas Avenue. 
Buses also run to Schinias (mid summer only), Marathon Beach and Marathon town, and to Agia Marina for the ferry to Evia.   Timetables are included in this information folder.  

Car Hire


We have bicycles for our guests to use at their own risk and on a first come first served basis.  Like those available from the bike hire shop, they are fairly old but they all work well enough.  We are not going to get into formal hire arrangements but we ask guests who want to use them to please consider making a contribution towards the costs of buying and maintaining them, perhaps €2 a day or €10 per week per bike.  If ours are unavailable, bicycles can sometimes be hired for €5 a day or €20 a week at Sport Kypris in Nea Makri town near the Post Office (10 on town map), telephone 22940 98434.  You usually need to book in advance.


Our local sites are closed on Mondays and open 08:00 to 15:00 on other days.  Many other sites, including some of the main sites in Athens, also close or operate reduced hours on Mondays.
The Acropolis closes rediculously early through the winter.  We will happily make phone calls to confirm opening times for any sites you may want to visit. 

The small archaeological museum at Marathon is two kilometres from the nearest bus stop so, unless we can take you, you will need to get there by car, bicycle or taxi. 
The museum ticket costs €3 and also includes entry to the Tumulus of the Athenians.

Archaeological sites in Greece offer free entry to under 18 years old, who live in EU countries on production of a passport or identity card.  Entry is also free for older EU students on production of a student card.  All under 5 years old can enter without payment.  There are reduced price tickets for over 65 years old who live in the EU, for all under 18 years old on production of a passport or identity card, and for non-EU students on production of a student card.

Water Sports
Between June and September the section of coast between Marathon Beach and Schinias Beach has a number of beach clubs with water sports including windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and canoeing.  Scuba diving is available all year round (accessible by bus).


There is an open-air cinema on Marathonas Avenue near the main square (summer only - 12 on town map).  There is also a closed cinema at the municipal recreation centre on Marathonas Avenue around 2 km north of the main square.


There are two hard courts at the municipal recreation centre on Marathonas Avenue around 2 km north of the main square with limited availability to the public.  There’s also a tennis club on the Nea Makri – Marathon borders.  Please ask us if you are interested.

Horse Riding

There is a riding school close to the Marathon archaeological museum.  Again, please ask us if you are interested.

Cafe Bars


Nea Makri also has many restaurants.  Most of those on the sea front offer salads and other simple starters along with good quality meat and fish cooked to order.

At the main square there are a number of grill and souvlaki houses offering competitively priced meals and snacks, including Eponimo (Το Επώνυμο) with seating inside and out.  Nearby Doras (Ντόρας) offers traditional Greek dishes but only between 11:30 and 17:00 (9 on town map).  It is primarily a takeaway but there are some tables and chairs on the terrace where you can sit and enjoy their food.

You will find business cards for all of these cafes and restaurants in this information folder that will help you to recognise their Greek language signs.

There is a Vietnamese restaurant on Marathonas Avenue, around 500 metres north of the main square.  They offer a fixed price buffet meal on Wednesday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes.

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