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Nea Makri Attikis

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Without a Car

From Athens centre a taxi will cost around 35 Euros.  Otherwise travel by metro (1.20 Euros per person) and bus (2.90 per person) or taxi part way from Pallini metro station (around 15 Euros).  You will find details on our Local Information page.

From Rafina port get a taxi costing around 10 Euros.

From Athens International Airport the easiest way is by taxi costing around 45 Euros.  However, every hour or so there  is a bus to Rafina port (3 Euros per person) from where you can get a taxi to Nea Makri as above. 

You could also get the metro to Pallini station (8 Euros per person) then either bus (3 Euros per person) or taxi (around 15 Euros) to Nea Makri.  The problem is that trains run only once every half hour then buses run every half hour most of the day but every hour early and late in the day.

By Car

From Athens International Airport, please follow these directions that refer to this map.

From other places, please follow these directions that refer to the Google map click on the above link.


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